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Statement from U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott re: El Centro Sector video “ The Gotaway”

Release Date
Wed, 09/09/2020

“The ‘Gotaway’ video produced by the U.S. Border Patrol was the first in a series of short videos created to remind our Border Patrol agents that the risks they take every day to protect America matter, and result in saving American’s lives well beyond our physical borders.  While the purpose of the video was initially for internal agency use, I decided to share it publicly after viewing it to enhance awareness that effective border security helps keep all Americans and our guests safe.”  

“Shortly after the video was posted I was informed that we had not yet received formal approval to use copyrighted materials and had not fully attributed third-party material. Upon learning this, I directed that the video be immediately pulled down.  While I believe that the issues raised were unintentional administrative oversights, I have notified the CBP Office of Professional Responsibility for appropriate action.  As soon as the proper approvals are obtained, I intend to share the updated video publicly.”

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021