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  4. Winter Storm Leads to Humanitarian Rescues Throughout Big Bend Sector

Winter Storm Leads to Humanitarian Rescues Throughout Big Bend Sector

Release Date
MARFA, Texas
For More Information
Greg L. Davis, Big Bend Sector Public Affairs, 202-839-1817, Gregory.L.Davis@cbp.dhs.gov


Severe weather has impacted Big Bend Sector and law enforcement partners in the past 48 hours resulting in numerous rescues of people in distress and discovery of deceased individuals too.


West Texas experienced a severe winter storm with snowfall accumulation of over 24 inches in some areas. The accumulation of snow, high winds and below freezing temperatures have restricted the ability of stations within Big Bend Sector, which includes territory stretching from Sierra Blanca Station to the west to Sanderson Station in the east along the U.S./Mexico border, to safely patrol and respond to distressed individuals.


Since December 30, 2020, Customs and Border Protection’s Big Bend Sector, along with the Special Operations Detachments from neighboring sectors, Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Operations along with state and local partners, have rescued 48 deserted illegal aliens in desperate need of shelter from the extreme elements with some requiring immediate medical care.


Unfortunately, agents assigned to the Sanderson Border Patrol Station located two deceased individuals suspected of being present illegally in the U.S. A joint investigation involving CBP, Texas Department of Public Safety and local authorities is ongoing. More information will be provided as it becomes available.    


This is another example of how human smugglers recklessly abandon individuals leaving them in peril.


Last Modified: February 3, 2021