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RGV Border Patrol Agents Seize Over 1,100 Pounds of Marijuana

Release Date: 
January 21, 2021

EDINBURG, Texas – On Wednesday, Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Border Patrol agents seized over 1,100 pounds of marijuana, valued at over $886K.

Early yesterday morning, an agent from the Fort Brown (FTB) Border Patrol Station advised nearby agents that he had a visual of three subjects carrying bundles approaching the levee in Brownsville, Texas.  FTB agents responded to the area and seized three bundles of marijuana.  While searching the area, the agents observed the three subjects return to Mexico.  The weight of the marijuana was nearly 99 pounds with an estimated value $79K.

Shortly thereafter, on the other side of the Rio Grande Valley, Rio Grande City Border Patrol agents working near Garceno, Texas, noticed shoe prints leading into an area with thick vegetation.  After following the shoe prints into the thicket, they discovered seven abandoned bundles of marijuana.  An extensive search of the area, revealed no suspects or discovery of other bundles. The seized marijuana weighed over 304 pounds and is valued at over $243K.

Late last night, RGV Border Patrol agents, working in Starr County, observed a group of individuals approach a gold Dodge Caravan parked near the Rio Grande, in Los Barreras, Texas.  When the subjects attempted to load the bundles of narcotics into the van, the agents identified themselves and attempted to apprehend the suspects. The subjects immediately dropped the bundles of narcotics and fled into Mexico. The van and narcotics were seized and transported to the Rio Grande City Border Patrol for processing.  The six bundles of marijuana weighed 705 pounds and is worth approximately $564K.

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Last modified: 
January 21, 2021