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Liquid Methamphetamine Discovered in Gas Tank

Release Date
Mon, 12/21/2020

NILAND, Calif. – El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents seized methamphetamine Saturday afternoon.

Liquid Meth
El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents
seized  methamphetamine Saturday.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:06 p.m., when a man driving a red Freightliner Semi–truck approached the Highway 111 Border Patrol checkpoint. Agents directed the vehicle aside for further investigation.

During their inspection, a Border Patrol K-9 detection team alerted to the semi-truck. Both driver and passenger side fuel tanks were visually inspected and the liquid inside looked clear. Agents then noticed a cloudy, denser liquid a few inches below the clear liquid. A field narcotic testing kit was used on the cloudy liquid, which yielded a positive result for the characteristics of methamphetamine.

Agents were unable to determine the weight of narcotics due to the volatile and dangerous state of the liquid meth.

The El Centro Sector turned over the driver, a 25-year-old Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence, and the semi-truck containing the narcotics to the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021