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El Centro Sector Border Patrol Chief Engages With Community Leaders during Horseback Ride in Brawley

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BRAWLEY, Calif. – The El Centro Sector Border Patrol hosted a horseback ride with community leaders from the City of Brawley on Wednesday afternoon.

El Centro Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino extended an invitation to Mayor Luke Hamby and Chief of Police Jimmy Duran to participate in a horseback ride engagement event in the City of Brawley. The horse ride began at 4:30 p.m. just north of the Brawley Police Department and continued throughout the city streets of Brawley. 

The ride consisted of twelve horses from the El Centro Sector Horse Patrol Unit that were escorted by Border Patrol and Brawley Police Department vehicles. Neighborhood residents throughout the 4-mile ride were treated to a meet and greet with the participants and the horses.

“This event was a great way to build and maintain relationships with Mayor Hamby, Chief Duran and the City of Brawley,” stated Chief Bovino. “It’s important for our agency to continue this outreach and inform the public of the role the Border Patrol plays within the community.”

In 2021, Chief Bovino began the “Horsing-around-with-an-Agent” community outreach initiative with the purpose of providing stakeholders and the community an opportunity to interact directly with him while riding on horseback with the Sector’s Horse Patrol Unit.

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Last Modified: February 11, 2021