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  4. CBP Officers at Presidio Port Seize 104 Pounds of Cocaine

CBP Officers at Presidio Port Seize 104 Pounds of Cocaine

Release Date
Wed, 08/19/2020

PRESIDIO, Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers working at the Presidio port of entry seized 104 pounds of cocaine August 14. The drugs were hidden in a bus.

Concealed drug bundles.
Concealed drug bundles.

“This is one of the largest and most significant seizures in recent history at this international crossing” said CBP Presidio Port Director Fred Hutterer. “Any cocaine seizure is significant but when you seize more than 100 pounds in single incident that is exceptionally rare.” 

CBP officers made the seizure just after 11 p.m. August 14 when a 2005 Volvo bus with a dozen passengers arrived from Mexico. The passengers disembarked and were processed accordingly. 

CBP officers initiated an exam of the conveyance during which a CBP drug sniffing dog alerted to the rear of the carriage. CBP officers then x-rayed the vehicle and noted anomalies in the air tanks of the vehicles. 

CBP officers continued their exam and located 30 bundles hidden within the tanks. The contents of the bundles tested positive for cocaine. The bus and drugs were seized by CBP and the investigation continues.

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021