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Border Patrol Rescues 12 Illegal Aliens in the Rio Grande Valley

Release Date: 
July 9, 2020

EDINBURG, Texas – In less than 12 hours, agents responded to four 911 emergency calls and two other incidents that required emergency medical intervention.

Wednesday afternoon, McAllen agents working in Penitas, Texas, observed several illegal aliens running north in an irrigation ditch in an attempt to conceal themselves. Agents successfully apprehended seven subjects and requested assistance to transport the group to the station. While waiting for transportation, a Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) conducted a second search of the immediate area and located an exhausted Mexican national who displayed dehydration symptoms due to the high temperatures typically found in in South Texas. The BPA EMT immediately rendered aid and requested Emergency Medical Services. The woman was transported to a local medical facility for treatment.

That same day, Falfurrias agents responded to a 911 call from a Mexican national who stated he was lost and could no longer walk. With the information provided, agents arrived to an area commonly used by human smugglers in an attempt to circumvent the immigration checkpoint. Agents conducted an immediate search of the area and after approximately an hour into the search, they located six illegal aliens. Agents transported the subjects to the station where medical staff evaluated and cleared them for travel.

A few hours later, Rio Grande Valley Sector agents working near the Hidalgo and Brooks County line responded to a reported 911 call from a Mexican national who stated he was lost in the brush and needed help. Agents utilized the coordinates provided and, after an extensive search, agents located the man. The man declined medical attention.

Early this morning, Falfurrias agents received information regarding a 911 call from a Salvadoran national who stated he was lost and had not eaten or drank water for several days. Agents immediately responded to the last known coordinates and after approximately one hour agents located the man in a deer blind. A Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technician examined and cleared the man for safe travel.

Minutes later, Fort Brown agents on patrol near the Rio Grande discovered a Mexican national who appeared to be suffering from dehydration. Agents immediately requested the assistance of a Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technician (BPA/EMT). The BPA/EMT examined the individual and requested Emergency Medical Services. EMS arrived and transported the man to a local medical facility for treatment. The man received treatment, which consisted of multiple bags of intravenous fluids.

A few hours later, a Starr County 911 dispatcher contacted the Rio Grande City station and advised them of a 911 call they received. The dispatcher advised the call originated near Roma, Texas. Utilizing the coordinates provided, agents quickly responded to the area and located two men. Agents offered medical attention but both men respectfully declined.

The Rio Grande Valley Sector currently has multiple campaigns focused on rescues and danger awareness, such as “Operation Big Rig” and “No Se Arriesgue” to combat smuggling and ultimately save lives. Call 911 to report suspicious activity; “They’re humans, not cargo!”    

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July 9, 2020