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Border Patrol Employees in Maine Receive CBP Meritorious Award for Valor

Release Date
Wed, 11/04/2020

Multiple USBP Agents in Houlton Sector Receive Valor AwardVan Buren, Maine – On Wednesday, October 28, U.S. Border Patrol recognized multiple employees in Maine by awarding them U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Meritorious Award for Valor for their actions in two different emergency situations.

Border Patrol Agents Kelly Cote and Cody Ybarrondo were awarded the CBP’s Meritorious Award for Valor, due to their life-saving actions taken on March 29.  Agent Cote was conducting his assigned duties when he encountered an unconscious man who had been out walking along the side of the road. Agent Ybarrondo arrived on scene and assisted Agent Cote with CPR until emergency services arrived. Thanks to the quick actions by the agents, the man was released several days later from the hospital and recovered while at home with his family.

“The agents’ actions demonstrate how effective the training we receive is, and shows their dedication and commitment to the job and community. Their actions brought credit upon themselves and the United States Border Patrol,” said Acting Chief Patrol Agent Dennis Harmon.

Four other Border Patrol Agents and an automotive mechanic were also presented with Meritorious Achievement awards for providing aid to a fellow agent who was suffering from extreme heat and dehydration during ATV training on June 22.

“Van Buren Station has shown everyone the determinedness and loyalty that all Border Patrol Agents have, be it assisting with their community, or helping within their own ranks” Acting Chief Harmon stated, after serving the awards to the recipients.

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Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021