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CBP Training Courses and ACE CREDIT®

How to Apply for College Credit for CBP Training

CBP works with the American Council on Education (ACE) College Credit and Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) to gain college credit recommendations for CBP workplace training programs. Using the ACE CREDIT® transcript service, CBP employees may be able to obtain credits for CBP coursework at colleges or universities recognizing the ACE CREDIT® recommendations.

  • Review the CBP workplace training courses recommended by ACE CREDIT® for college/university credit, to discover courses you have completed.
    • Select the date range in which you completed the course.
    • If your CBP workplace training dates are not included for ACE CREDIT®, see section below for "Seeking Credit for Prior Learning" from your school.
  • Look at the ACE CREDIT® College and University Network to locate institutions that will consider your ACE-recommended CBP training for college credits. You may email any questions about ACE network institutions to
  • Look on the college/university website, in the course catalog, or contact the institution's admissions office or your academic advisor to ask about credit transfer policies. Learn about the school’s requirements for the degree you want to pursue and how your ACE CREDIT® recommendations could apply.
    • Each college or university has the discretion to determine whether it will accept ACE CREDIT® recommendations based on its degree programs.
    • Credit maximum: Different institutions have different policies on the amount of college credit that they will award based on prior learning.
    • Transferability: Not all colleges and universities accept other institutions’ evaluation of prior learning. If College A awarded you 9 credit hours based on your ACE CREDIT® and you decide to transfer to College B, College B may not recognize those 9 credit hours.
  • Review the National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training to check if a prior employer’s training qualifies for credit by ACE. Previous employment training – particularly in the military or other government agencies – may be listed for additional ACE CREDIT®.
  • Register with ACE CREDIT® to create a record of your CBP and other employers’ ACE-reviewed coursework and obtain your ACE transcript. To register and get ACE transcripts you will need to:
    • Create a sign-in name and password.
    • Leave blank the sections seeking your Social Security number or Student ID number. A pop-up will ask "Are you sure?" Click "Yes, proceed with registration."
    • List the names of the CBP courses (and any other ACE-reviewed courses from other employers) that you completed and the dates completed.
    • Pay a $20 fee to establish an ACE CREDIT® record; the fee includes one complimentary transcript. Additional transcripts are $15 each.

Seeking Credit through Prior Learning Assessment

  • Ask your college or university if it will grant credit for your prior learning if the dates of your CBP coursework don’t qualify for an ACE CREDIT® recommendation.
  • Contact your CBP training location to request your CBP course transcript.
  • Print out the ACE CREDIT® course detail for your course.
  • With your course documents, meet with your college/university admissions officer or your academic advisor to ask if you can receive prior-learning credit for your coursework. Highlight the similarities between the two course descriptions.
Last Modified: Jun 12, 2023
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