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Portal Station

Railway Avenue and Makee Street
PO Box 298
Portal, ND 58772
Phone: (701) 926-4111 option 2
Fax: (701) 926-4231

The Border Patrol Station at Portal was first established in 1924 as its own sector headquarters, responsible for the western portion of North Dakota. In August of 1939, the sector headquarters designation was transferred to Pembina, ND, and eventually to its present location in Grand Forks, ND.

The Portal area of operations covers the western portions of both North Dakota and South Dakota. The large geographic assignment covers approximately 64,505 square miles. It is not uncommon for Portal Agents to travel long distances to interrogate an alien encountered by other law enforcement agencies.

There are approximately 124 miles of land border separating this station from the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada in Portal Station's area of responsibility.