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Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection (COAC)

CBP Notice:

CBP is soliciting the trade for volunteer industry participants to test the viability of providing Advance Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Authentication Data to facilitate trade in IPR.

Advance IPR data my improve IPR targeting efficiencies, reduce the rate of negative IPR exams, facilitate authorized trade and increase CBP port productivity.  Targeter’s may utilize approved documents to aid in their targeting decisions.  Qualifying documents include; licensee agreements, service agreements, maintenance agreements, packing lists, non-commercial invoices, serial numbers, bar codes, and photos of the product, packaging and container seals.

CBP is looking for nine volunteer importer filers interested in submitting IPR authenticating data via e-mail prior to entry.  IPR Authenticating data will be considered on a by shipment level, attached by Bill of Lading and available in all transit modalities except mail.

Within one year’s time, CBP will conduct an evaluation of the Advance IPR Authentication information on targeting efficiency and negative exam rate and determine if the initiative may be rolled out to the entire IPR trade community.

Filer participants will be chosen on a first come first serve basis and will be selected to ensure a range of non-partnership program industry participants, participation across industry segments, and to include those who have previously experienced negative IPR violating exams.  Participants will attach a readable PDF or JPEG file to the e-mail, which will also include bill of lading data elements in the subject line of the email. 

Those interested in participating in the voluntary submission of non-required IPR authenticating data should email: with “IPR Advance Information test” in the subject line.


13th Term COAC Meetings (February 2013 - February 2015)

12th Term COAC Meetings (April 2011 - January 2013)