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The Trade Support Network (TSN) provides a forum for the trade community to gather information and provide input on U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) modernization efforts, including enhancements to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). TSN membership is open to individuals from all sectors of the trade community who are interested in CBP’s trade modernization efforts. For information on joining the TSN, see the section below: “Information on Joining the TSN.” The TSN is led by a TSN Executive Committee (EC) and a Trade Leadership Council (TLC).

For more information on TSN leadership, review the current TSN Leadership Network.

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Membership in the TSN is open to companies and associations interested in the development and implementation of CBP trade modernization efforts. Members of the trade community who would like to join the TSN may submit a TSN Request for Membership form (linked below) via email to

TSN Request for Membership Form

The TSN also includes software developers who comprise the TSN Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Their responsibilities include providing technical input to CBP and partner government agencies (PGA) on the design and development of Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) enhancements and associated technical implementation guidelines. The TAG also works closely with CBP to test system changes in the Certification (CERT) software development environment before updates are finalized and deployed to the Production (PROD) environment.

CBP personnel and/or TSN members may identify the need for a working group to solicit trade input and develop recommendations on specific modernization projects or topics, including ACE functionality and/or associated policy updates. Technical automation issues arising from COAC deliberations may also be referred to the TSN for further deliberation by a new or established TSN working group.;

Members of the TSN/EC are invited to participate in each working group. Based on the need for specific expertise, non-TSN members may participate on working groups to solicit trade participation to those using the functionality. CBP will issue appropriate CSMS messages requesting volunteers to participate in specific working groups.

Below is a list of current TSN working groups in which there is active engagement:

Active TSN Working Groups

TSN Working Group


1. Ocean House Bill of Lading Release (OHBOL)

Gather trade input on the development of ocean house bill release functionality.

  • Develop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for OHBOL deployment.

  • CERT testing prior to deployment.

2. ACE Portal Modernization

The purpose of this working group is to provide updates on the migration of functionality to the modernized ACE Portal.

3. Drawback

Collect input from the trade drawback filers on the TFTEA drawback deployment.

4. eBond

To develop Requests for Development (RFDs) and policy for new eBond functionality including Importer Security Filing (ISF) bond, DOT/National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) conformance bond, International Trade Commission (ITC) bond, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) bond.

5. Ocean Manifest Streamlining

To discuss the reduction of data requirements for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC).


The TSN meets with CBP leadership on a quarterly basis to get updates on current ACE enhancements, including associated operational and policy impacts. Below is a notional schedule for the upcoming TSN Quarterly meetings.

2023 TSN Quarterly Meetings:

  • June 14, 2023 - Virtual Meeting
  • September 14, 2023 - In Person Meeting (Washington, DC)
  • November 2023 - Virtual Meeting

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