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Registered Traveller for U.S. Citizens

The United Kingdom’s Registered Traveller is an expedited entry program operated by the United Kingdom (UK) Border Force to provide faster and more convenient entry to the UK for citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Members enrolled in Registered Traveller may use E-gates at airports in the United Kingdom. The service costs £70 to apply and an additional £50 a year thereafter. If the application is unsuccessful, the applicant will receive £50 back.   To qualify for Registered Traveller, a U.S. citizen must make four or more trips to the UK in two years.  Complete details on eligibility and availability of the program can be found on the Registered Traveller website.

Benefits of Registered Traveller for U.S. Citizens

  • Access to ePassport gates at major airports across the country
  • Use of the UK / European Union queue at major airports across the UK
  • Not needing to complete a landing card on arrival to the UK, and
  • No credibility interview with a UK Border Force officer
Last modified: 
January 6, 2016