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Register for APIS Pre-Departure Testing


Attention Air Carriers and Carrier Service Providers!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has completed system enhancements and can now process Advance Passenger Information (API) submitted in a format compliant with rules published on August 23, 2007. You will soon be required to use this format to transmit passenger and crew manifest data to CBP, prior to departure of U.S. bound flights from foreign airports and for flights leaving the United States. To ensure your transmissions meet the new requirements, you must register with CBP and submit test data in the APIS Quick Query and/or Batch query format for evaluation by the CBP testing team. Upon successful completion of the test, you will be authorized to transmit your manifests to the live APIS system.



How to Register for APIS Pre-Departure Testing

Complete the online registration form below, providing as much information as possible. Required fields are noted with an asterisk (*). Click to automatically send the information to the CBP AQQ Administrator. Within three business days, you should receive a confirmation e-Mail message with the name, e-Mail address, and telephone number of the AQQ Tester assigned to coordinate testing requirements for your company. If you do not receive this information, please contact the AQQ Administrator for an update on your application. Upon successful completion of the testing process, an authorization letter will be issued to the registered company.



Help Completing the Form

  • SUBMISSION TYPE. Submission types may be AQQ (APIS Quick Query), Batch, or Both. Batch submissions are normally seen as occurring during the reservation process and AQQ during the check-in process. The Batch and AQQ submissions may overlap each other during the check-in process but a combined approach provides the opportunity to achieve DHS compliance as early as possible and minimize the impact of unanticipated DHS responses during boarding pass issuance.
  • CARRIER(S) SERVICED. If your company provides API services to multiple carriers, enter the codes for all of the carriers serviced by your company, separating each code by one or more spaces. If your company is a developer and intends to provide services to groups as yet unknown, enter "ZZ" in this field.

APIS Pre-Departure Testing Registration Form

(Note: This form is to be used solely for registering to test API manifest transmissions using the UN/EDIFACT format.)
( * denotes required information)



Need Help Registering?

You can send any questions about the registration process or completion of the registration form to

APIS Pre-Departure Testing - Registration Form



Last published: 
December 23, 2013