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Reminder to Carriers


Standard Carrier Alpha Codes (SCAC) renewal reminder


Please be advised that all carriers must maintain a valid SCAC to avoid disruptions and/or having the SCAC reassigned to another company. The preferred way for carriers to renew their SCAC is through the NMFTA Web site using the NMFTA EasyPay System. (NMFTA) Alternatively, the NMFTA can be contacted at one of the following:

1001 North Fairfax Street
Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22314-1798
ph: (703) 838-1810
fax: (703) 683-1094
web: (NMFTA)
email: scac@nmfta.org

The carrier will receive a confirmation letter once they have completed their application or renewal from NMFTA. A copy should be sent to CBP as an electronic copy TIF or PDF file attachment to an e-mail or via fax or mail. Email and address information is as follows:


CBP SCAC Processing
Customs and Border Protection
7681 Boston Blvd., Beauregard 1st Fl Wing A
Springfield, VA 22153
Fax: (571) 468-5650

ABI filers can assist in the renewal effort by contacting their carriers to remind them of the annual renewal period. The SCAC of carriers that have not been renewed will be eligible for reassignment by NMFTA.

Mr. William Delansky
Branch Chief - Multi-Modal Manifest
Cargo Control and Release Requirements
Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
Department of Homeland Security


Last Modified: January 5, 2017