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Summary of Laws Enforced by CBP

United States Code
Agriculture: Title 7 USC
Aliens and Naturalization: Title 8 USC
Banks and Banking: Title 12 USC
Census: Title 13 USC
Commerce and Trade: Title 15 USC
Conservation: Title 16 USC
Copyrights: Title 17 USC
Crimes and Criminal Procedures: Title 18 USC
Crimes and Criminal Procedures (Appendix): Title 18 USC
Customs Duties: Title 19 USC
Food and Drugs: Title 21 USC
Foreign Relations: Title 22 USC
Internal Revenue: Title 26 USC
Internal Revenue (Appendix): Title 26 USC
Intoxicating Liquors: Title 27 USC
Money and Finance: Title 31 USC
Navigation: Title 33 USC
Patents: Title 35 USC
Postal Service: Title 39 USC
Public Buildings, Property: Title 40 USC
Public Health: Title 42 USC
Public Lands: Title 43 USC
Railroads: Title 45 USC
Shipping: Title 46 USC
Telegraphs and Telephones: Title 47 USC
Territories and Insular Possessions, etc: Title 48 USC
Transportation: Title 49 USC
War and National Defense: Title 50 USC
War and National Defense (Appendix): Title 50 USC


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March 8, 2014