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Eligibility of Two Halves of a Machine Imported Aboard Two Separate Carriers to Be Entered Under a Single Entry

On March 22, 2013, the Entry Process and Duty Refunds Branch issued HQ H234076, a prospective ruling pertaining to the entry of two halves of a blow molding, capping and filling machine for bottles. The requester proposed to ship the unassembled machine to the United States aboard two separate carriers, originating from different countries. In order to ship both halves together aboard the same carrier, the requester noted that one half would have to be transported across Europe. The requester claimed that such transport would prove to be a financial and logistical burden. However, a single entry may be made for separate shipments only when the merchandise, due to its size or nature, cannot be shipped on a single conveyance. Upon review, CBP determined that neither the size nor the nature of the machine prevented the two halves from shipping together aboard the same carrier.

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April 26, 2018