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QB 14-121 - 2014 Chile Wearing Apparel


Cotton and man-made fiber apparel as provided for in Chapter 99, Subchapter XI, U.S. Note 23.  

December 20, 2013


January 1, 2014, through December 31, 2014


Thursday, January 2, 2014


1,000,000 Square Meter Equivalents.


First Tariff Field 99119940

Second Tariff Field

See Harmonized Tariff Schedule for details.


Use "CL" as the primary SPI indicator.

Use entry type code 02, 06, 07, 12, 23, 32, 38, or 52.

Report in units of measure as shown in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

Merchandise shall be reported and released via the quota module of ACS until a "hold" status is indicated.


Certification of eligibility is required for preferential tariff treatment under HTS numbers 9911.99.20 or 9911.99.40. At time of entry, a statement is required by the importer certifying and containing information demonstrating that the goods are eligible for the trade preference level (TPL). QB 14 – 121:2014 Chile Wearing Apparel Page 2

Once the in-quota allocation is filled, goods will be allowed to enter at Normal Trade Relations rate or General rate of duty as noted in the HTS.

Whenever goods are classified under provision 9911.99.40 as ensembles in combination with a designated ensemble provision in chapter 61 or 62, the reporting number shall be for the specific component apparel article in the ensemble and not the ensemble number. Each specific apparel article in the ensemble must be identified separately by using the appropriate chapter 61 or 62 provision in combination with 9911.99.40.


No further editions of this QBT for Chile Free Trade Agreement for Wearing Apparel, Chapter 99, Subchapter XI, U.S. Note 23, will be issued until amendments in agreements or changes in quota amounts occur.

Questions from the importing community regarding this electronic message should be referred to the local CBP port. The port may refer questions through email to

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January 24, 2014