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QB 14-104 - 2014 Raw Sugar Cane Allocations

Raw cane sugar as provided for in Chapter 17, Additional U.S. Note 5

October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014

Tuesday October 1, 2013


Argentina 45,281,000 kg
Australia 87,402,000 kg
Barbados 7,371,000 kg
Belize 11,584,000 kg
Bolivia 8,424,000 kg
Brazil 152,691,000 kg
Colombia 25,273,000 kg
Congo 7,258,000 kg
Costa Rica 15,796,000 kg
Cote d'Ivoire 7,258,000 kg
Dominican Republic 185,335,000 kg
Ecuador 11,584,000 kg
El Salvador 27,379,000 kg
Fiji 9,477,000 kg
Gabon 7,258,000 kg
Guatemala 50,546,000 kg
Guyana 12,636,000 kg
Haiti 7,258,000 kg
Honduras 10,530,000 kg
India 8,424,000 kg
Jamaica 11,584,000 kg
Madagascar 7,258,000 kg
Malawi 10,530,000 kg
Mauritius 12,636,000 kg
Mexico 7,258,000 kg
Mozambique 13,690,000 kg
Nicaragua 22,114,000 kg
Panama 30,538,000 kg
Papua New Guinea 7,258,000 kg
Paraguay 7,258,000 kg
Peru 43,175,000 kg
Philippines 142,160,000 kg
South Africa 24,220,000 kg
St. Kitts & Nevis 7,258,000 kg
Swaziland 16,849,000 kg
Taiwan 12,636,000 kg
Thailand 14,743,000 kg
Trinidad-Tobago 7,371,000 kg
Uruguay 7,258,000 kg
Zimbabwe 12,636,000 kg


First Tariff Field Second Tariff Field
Low Rate: (CQE required)
1701.13.1000 Blank
High Rate: (No CQE required)  
9904.17.01 1701.13.5000 or 1701.14.5000  
Re-export Sugar  
1701.13.2000 or 1701.14.2000  

Use entry type 02, 06, 07, 12, 23, 32, 38, or 52

All raw cane sugar, HTS numbers 1701.13.1000 or 1701.14.1000, must be sampled in accordance with Customs Directive 3820-001B, dated May 01, 2007.

Report in kilograms (kg)

An original certificate of quota eligibility (CQE) is required for raw cane sugar entry(s) with country specific allocations for the in-quota duty rate; import specialists are responsible for this verification.

In addition, if a CQE is presented, please a notate the CQE number in the "Remarks" field when processing quota in ACS. This will expedite quota release. If the remarks are not noted in the quota module, it is acceptable to add a remark using the NOTE function in ACS.

Any country without a quantity allocation, which is not subject to a United States embargo, may export raw cane sugar, provided it is entered at the over-quota duty rate. These countries are not required to furnish a CQE.

Note: The quantity to be charged for quota purposes is based on a 98.5-degree polarity. This is to ensure that the individual country quotas do not overfill when the final raw value becomes available. HQ Quota Branch will make the conversion.

Questions from the importing community regarding this electronic message should be referred to the local CBP port. The port may refer their questions through email to

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January 26, 2014