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QB 16-131 ACE Cutover Processing


ACE cutover is scheduled for July 23, 2016, trade parties will be required to submit electronic entries and entry summaries using the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).  Filing of Quota entry types  will be accepted and mandated in ACE.  Please see the cutover timeline below.


Transition Activity

July 20, 2016

Last day for trade filers to submit non-ABI quota transactions

July 21, 2016

Last day for the field to manually input quota transactions in ACS

July 22, 2016

Last day for trade filers to submit ABI quota transactions in ACS

July 23, 2016

ACE quota go-live

July 25-29, 2016

CBP will input quota lines in ACE that were not input into ACS prior to cutover


Please ensure entry/entry summaries which have been returned to CBP are resolved in ACS and processed by taking the following steps.

  • Process (accept) any quota entry line(s) in CBP possession and control.
  • Remove entry summary reject status, correct entry summary and accept quota.
  • Take additional processing steps (if applicable)


On Monday July 25, 2016 each Port of Entry/ CEE should run an ACS Q15 report to determine the number of entries which have not been resubmitted to CBP by the broker/filers.

Note: The Q15 report may be opened from the TPX, RMTP menu.

  • Assigned CBP specialist or team should run the Q15 Report.
  • Contact filer(s) to request outstanding entry summaries (if applicable).
  • Resolve ACS quota entries as described above.

Take additional steps as required.


For any quota entry/entry summaries re-submitted after the July 23, cutover, take the following steps in ACS or ACE to update the status:

  • CBP Field users will still be able to update entry summaries in ACS filed prior to July 23.
  • To correct the quota amounts, utilize the appropriate ACE Quota functions rather than the ACS correction codes.
  • Process collection (if applicable) and process as normal.
  • Take additional steps to complete processing (as required)

ACE Quota Entries When Low Rate is Filled

ACE quota entries will be filed as entry type 02 with quota Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number until the quota is filled. Once quota has filled, closed or is otherwise unavailable, entries should be filed in ACE using entry type 01 or other non-quota entry type, with the high rate of duty. CBP will no longer need to process non-quota entry/entry summaries as quota. Trade filers will receive system messages for their particular transaction notifying them of the quota processing status depending on the entry type, HTS and quota fill status.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Headquarters Quota Branch at HQQUOTA@cbp.dhs.gov

  • Last Modified: July 25, 2016