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QB 16-123 ACS Processing for Satsumas


Over quota Satsumas (Mandarin Oranges), HTS code 2008.30.4600, ACS was modified in 2015 to eliminate the necessity to use the QSUP entry method in the quota module.  Headquarters Quota has not received a request for the over quota information for Satsumas in recent years.  Should the information be needed, a simple data query can be applied.  Eliminating the QSUP processing from the high rate entry will save time and effort for all involved.


When quota opens for Satsumas, entries will be made in the usual manner using the HTS codes 2008.30.4210 and 2008.30.4290 as a type 02 entry.   

  • Port and Headquarters personnel will continue to monitor the quantities as the quota nears filling.

    This information is available weekly in the Commodity Report and the TPL Fill List.

  • Ports should release the quota entries and process the summaries in QSUP as normal.

  • Once the quota is determined to be filled and prorations, if necessary, are complete the quota is closed.

    All remaining entries on the Hold Report that did not receive quota preference will be deleted and returned back to the ports for processing. The entry summary HTS must be reclassified to the high rate 2008.30.4600.Then these entries may be filed as a type 01 entry and does not require quota processing or QSUP.

  • If the entries are returned as type 02 by the broker, they must be QSUP’d as normal, but will receive an error message stating “NON-QUOTA CONDITION”. This error message is also acceptable in the ACS system

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Headquarters Quota at John O. Raymer or (202) 863-6372.

Last modified: 
April 26, 2016