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QB 16-116 Dairy Products Results


Dairy Products, provided for in Chapter 4, Additional U.S. Note 10.

The tariff rate quota for the dairy products (any country) that opened on Friday January 4, 2016 over-subscribed at opening moment.  The pro rata percentage is: 48.17358% or .4817358.


Entries or withdrawals for consumption for dairy products presented after the opening should be returned to the broker for amendment.

To facilitate release of shipments, HQ Quota will allow filers the option to re-transmit corrected quantities and submit corrected CBP-7501s to the ports for quota reporting using the original date  and time of presentation.  It may be necessary to add additional lines in order to accurately reflect the amendment (high duty line break out).  Port personnel are reminded that the line item information should reflect the quantity taken, not the quantity presented.

Please notify HQ Quota via email by Thursday January 14, 2016 the intended action, if the filer wants to retransmit the correction, the quota will be deleted.  The importer may elect to use the entire prorated allocation on their entry, use a portion of the allocation or use none at all (entry cancellation).  The importer may also transfer their allotment to another port (must be the same importer).  Whatever action the importer decides to use, the entered quantities may not exceed the prorated amount.

HQ Quota will release the requested amount for each line based on the proration request submitted by the filer.  CBP may not release the merchandise until quota input is complete and in accepted status in ACS.

Last modified: 
April 6, 2016