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QBT-13-504 - Clarification USDA Sugar Certificate Automation Process

Reference: CSMS #13-00023

Clarification: Sugar Cargo Systems Manifest Messaging System (CSMS) message #13-000023 was issued informing the Trade of the sugar certificate automation process in the Automated Commercial System. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certificate number, as currently required, should be transmitted Automated Broker Interface for sugar Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) numbers/combinations requiring a certificate. The CSMS message listed all the underlying HTS numbers for each of the trade agreements requiring a certificate. There are no requirements for additional certificates.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Combinations
  Country of Origin HTS Special Column Symbol Chapter 98 USDA Cert Required
WTO Sugar TRQs (Fiscal Year)        
WTO Raw Sugar (2 HTS lines) WTO listed None None WTO CQE*
WTO Canada Refined (5 HTS lines) CA CA None WTO CQE*
WTO Specialty (5 HTS lines) Any Country None None SPEC CERT**
Free Trade Agreements Tariff Rate Quota (Calendar Year)        
Colombia (51 HTS lines) CO CO 9822.08.01 FTA CQE***
Panama, General (51 HTS lines) PA PA 9822.09.17 FTA CQE***
Panama, Raw Sugar (2 HTS lines) PA PA 9822.09.18 FTA CQE***
Panama, Specialty (7 HTS lines) PA PA 9822.09.20 SPEC CERT***
Peru, General (51 HTS lines) PE PE 9822.06.10 FTA CQE***
Peru, Specialty sugar (7 HTS lines) PE PE 9822.06.15 SPEC CERT**
*USDA World Trade Organization Sugar Certificate of Quota Eligibility
**USDA Specialty Sugar Certificate of Quota Eligibility
*** USDA Free Trade Agreement Sugar Certificate of Quota Eligibility
Tariff Numbers Which May be Subject to the Sugar Certificate Requirement
These May Require a 9822 HTS Combination for a Certificate
Entries Made Over Quota Limit Do not Require a Certificate
1701.12.1000 1702.90.2000 1901.20.7000
1701.12.5000 1702.90.5800 1901.90.5400
1701.13.1000 1702.90.6800 1901.90.5800
1701.14.1000 1704.90.6800 2101.12.3800
1701.14.5000 1704.90.7800 2101.12.4800
1701.91.1000 1806.10.1500 2101.12.5800
1701.91.3000 1806.10.2800 2101.20.3800
1701.91.4800 1806.10.3800 2101.20.4800
1701.91.5800 1806.10.5500 2101.20.5800
1701.99.1010 1806.10.7500 2103.90.7800
1701.99.1025 1806.20.7300 2106.90.4400
1701.99.1050 1806.20.7700 2106.90.4600
1701.99.5025 1806.20.9400 2106.90.7200
1701.99.5050 1806.20.9800 2106.90.8000
1702.20.2890 1806.90.4900 2106.90.9400
1702.30.2800 1806.90.5900 2106.90.9700
1702.40.2800 1901.20.2500  
1702.60.2800 1901.20.3500  
1702.90.1000 1901.20.6000  

Special Instructions:
The USDA Sugar Certificates are not required when Mexico is the country of origin. Dominican Republic - Central American Free Trade Agreement sugar quota does not require a USDA Sugar Certificate. The certificate is optional for Warehouse (entry type 21 and 22) and Temporary Importation Bond (TIB, entry type 23).

    To report the over-quota rate use the appropriate tariff number without the Chapter 98 or 99 tariff number and certificate. An ABI warning may appear but the entry will still be accepted.

    Questions from the importing community regarding this electronic message should be referred to the local CBP port. The port may refer questions to Quota Branch Point of Contact.

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    July 11, 2016