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Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA 2006) Termination

The 2006 U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA 2006) terminated on October 12, 2015. As such, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will discontinue enforcement of regulations implementing the SLA 2006. The following actions will be taken by CBP, effective October 13, 2015.

CBP will no longer enforce the SLA 2006 data requirements pursuant to 19 CFR 12.140 specifically:

  1. CBP will no longer enforce the Export Permit Number requirements and specifications pursuant to 19 CFR 12.140(b)(2).
  2. CBP will no longer enforce the Region of Origin requirements pursuant to 19 CFR 12.140(b)(1).
  3. CBP will no longer enforce the Original Maritime Certificate of Origin (COO) requirements pursuant to 19 CFR 12.140(c).
  4. If an importer presents a Maritime COO on or after October 13, 2015 for softwood lumber products, the COO is to be returned to the importer.
  5. ABI will no longer require a valid SLA 2006 Export Permit Number for tariff numbers subject to the SLA 2006.
  6. ACE or ACS filers should enter a dummy SLA 2006 permit number, 'P88888888' (P followed by eight 8s) in the SLA Permit Number field, where applicable.

Softwood Lumber Act (2008) Reporting Requirements
CBP will continue to enforce the SLA 2008 reporting requirements for shipment of softwood lumber and softwood lumber products shipped from any country into the United States and subject to the importer declaration program pursuant to 19 CFR 12.142. The Export Price, Export Charge (if applicable), and Importer Declaration are to be reported electronically on the CBP Form 7501.

  1. The Export Price (19 CFR 12.142(c)(1)) remains in effect. The export price for shipments of softwood lumber and softwood lumber products is calculated as specified by the Softwood Lumber Act of 2008. This price must be reported.
  2. The Export Charge (19 CFR 12.140(c)(2)) remains in effect. Each importer must report the estimated Export Charge, if any.
  3. The Importer Declaration (19 CFR 12.142(c)(3)) remains in effect. Except as provided in 19 CFR12.142(c)(3)(ii), importers must provide a softwood lumber declaration on the electronic entry summary by entering the letter “Y” in the estimated Export Charge data field.

Questions regarding this guidance, with respect to the softwood lumber program, should be directed to Margaret Gray, Trade Agreements Branch, at (202) 863-6621, or by email at FTA@dhs.gov.

  • Last Modified: May 31, 2017