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Surety Code Required on Bonded AD/CVD Cases

This is a reminder to all filers who report ADD/CVD entries through ABI.

If the individual case being reported is bondable, a surety code is required to identify the surety who will provide the bond as required by T.D. 85-145.

For ABI filers, the surety code is reported in the 35 record in position 49-51 of this record. Whenever the antidumping or countervailing bond indicator of "1" is transmitted in position 14 of the 35 record (indicating a bondable antidumping case) or in position 37 of the 35 record (indicating a bondable countervailing duty case), a surety code is also required.

Questions concerning this should be directed to the
Office of Trade
Trade Policy and Programs

Source Document:
Memorandum From: Office of Field Operations
Titled: Reminder to Report ADD/CVD Surety Codes on Bonded Cases
Dated: May 12, 2005

Last Modified: May 08, 2019