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FY 2009 Annual Report

Section 1: FY 2009 Annual Disbursement Report


This report reflects AD/CVD duties uncollected as of September 30, 2009 on all AD/CVD entries filed prior to October 1,2007 (the effective date of the CDSOA repeal), but liquidated for an increase in FY2009. These amounts were subtracted from the liquidated duties on each case, as we cannot disburse funds that have not yet been collected. CBP is taking all collection actions available to collect amounts owed. For CDSOA eligible cases, any collections on these bills that take place in the future will be disbursed in the year in which they are received.

Updated FY 2009 Annual Disbursement Report as of June 2012


This report contains information on the disbursements for FY 2009. It includes case number, case name, the number CBP assigned to each certification, claimant name, dollar amount certified, allocation percentage, and dollar amount paid. Cases that show a negative disbursement amount are the result of refunds to importers as a result of reliquidations or court cases.

Section II: FY 2009 Uncollected Duties


This report lists the amounts contained in the Clearing Account for each case. These amounts represent estimated duties filed with the entry. These are preliminary numbers and may be refunded at liquidation to the importer of record based upon Commerce’s final determination on the case, which may not occur during the current year. Funds do not transfer from the Clearing Account to the Special Account for CDSOA distribution until liquidation occurs. The Clearing Account does not include additional duty assessed at liquidation or reliquidation.

Section III: FY 2009 Clearing Account Balances as of October 1, 2009



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