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AD/CVD Collections Team

CBP has created a Team within the Office of Finance dedicated to the collection of antidumping & countervailing duty debts. This Team can be reached by calling (317) 715-6736 or by sending an email to Gmb.adcvdcollections@cbp.dhs.gov. The AD/CVD Collections Team can assist with any issues related to the collection of outstanding AD/CVD debts, including:

  • Bill information or copies of AD/CVD bills
  • Sanctions which have come about as a result of unpaid AD/CVD bills
  • Payment information

AD/CVD debts can usually be identified by the words “antidumping” or “cntval duty” which appear in the ‘type of charge’ field on the CBP bill. The CBP bill is CBP Form number 6084.

Last Modified: January 5, 2017