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RLF/EIP Administrative Messages

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Message IDMessage DateSubject
21-4902723908/10/2021Change to Use of Designated Exam Site (DES) via Remote Location Filing
20-4512544112/07/2020National and District Broker Permits & RLF/EIP Filing


07/16/2020Guidance for Removing Entries from Statement
13-00024005/15/2013Revised EIP/RLF Hybrid Ineligible Forms List
The purpose of this message is to provide notification of changes to the EIP/RLF hybrid ineligible forms list (dated June 2012).
12-00028107/23/2012EIP/RLF Hybrid Ineligible Forms List Update
The purpose of this message is to provide notification of changes to the EIP/RLF hybrid ineligible forms list (dated June 2011).
11-00017808/09/2011Remote Location Filing (RLF) Hybrid Policy
The purpose of this message is to provide clarification on the RLF "Hybrid Process." The RLF final rule includes language to enable "alternative filing" of paper documents, if CBP cannot accept.
11-00003101/28/2011PAIRED Program Expiration on January 28, 2011
This is a reminder that the Port of Arrival Immediate Release and Enforcement Determination (PAIRED) program expires on January 28, 2011. The Federal Register Notice, 74 FR 69015, announced a U.S.
11-00000701/06/2011Rescinding CSMS #02-000488
Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS) #02-000488 was issued on April 8, 2002, for entries filed by means of remote location filing (RLF) that were subject to the additional duties of the steel.
10-00029512/29/2010EIP/RLF Invoice by Request Allowed on Truck Shipments
The purpose of this guidance is to announce that the Invoice-by-Request (INVREQ) feature may be transmitted automatically for all truck shipments. In November 2003, it was determined that the use
10-00027411/24/2010Electronic Invoice indicator Print Instructions on the ACH Daily Statement
10-00016507/16/2010New Invoice Indicator Data Field On The Daily Statement Output Record (Q2) For Acs Electronic Invoice (Eip) Filed Summaries
10-0001486/18/2010Elimination of the ITA Form 362P
10-00012305/14/2010Textile Declaration No Longer Required On EIP/RLF Entries
10-00012205/14/2010New Remote Location Filing (RLF) Ports Added
10-00007103/16/2010ACS Entry Summaries not receiving Notification of Failed Paperless Status
10-00002601/26/2010Remote Location Filing (RLF) Final Rule and Grace Period
10-00002001/15/2010Personal Effects and Household Goods filed via Electronic Invoice Program
10-00000201/06/2010Remote Location Filing - Final Rule
08-00035212/22/2008Interim Guidelines for Entering Merchandise Transported via Pipelines
08-00012107/16/2008EIP/RLF Transmission of EPA Documentation - Revised Message
08-00000301/16/2008More Info on New Administrative Message System
07-00024611/03/2007New Administrative Message Process
07-00013205/22/2007RLF/EIP Electronic Document Reminder
07-00010204/30/2007AII Invoice Entry Summary Correlation
07-00001201/09/2007Remote Filing of Canadian Softwood Lumber Entries
06-00051105/01/2006EIP/RLF Only Entry Types 01 and 11 Allowed-Reminder
06-00037803/28/2006Actual Use Entries not Allowed Under EIP/RLF
04-00232010/27/2004Government Entries not Allowed EIP/RLF
04-00231910/27/2004Electronic Invoice Reminder
04-00222310/14/2004Terms of Sale
04-00189908/24/2004Deletion of 7501, Statement Processing, Census Rejects
04-00162307/12/2004Terms of Sale
04-00150006/22/2004Preparing Electronic Invoices, Terms of Sale
02-00077806/13/2002RLF/EIP Invoice by Request Reminder
02-00048804/08/2002Steel Entries
01-00095709/07/2001National Permit Required
01-00078507/23/2001Rejection of Entries Policy
00-00051405/18/2000ABI Changes to Statement Update Function
99-00106812/02/1999EIP/RLF and TSCA Memorandum
99-00049406/30/1999When an Electronic Invoice is Required
98-00047606/10/1998RLF/EIP Release Process
98-00040305/12/1998RLF/EIP Invoice by Request Process
98-00010402/05/1998RLF/EIP ABI Messaging Change
97-00110411/26/1997RLF/EIP ATF Documentation for Alcohol Shipments
97-00085709/17/1997RLF/EIP Invoice-by-Request Feature
95-00080008/15/1995Implementation Date of No Slashes
95-00055206/02/1995No Slashes "\" in the Supplier Invoice Number
95-00015802/02/1995EIP Rejected Entry Summary Procedures
94-00107811/02/1994AII Changes
94-00049605/18/1994Rejects and Census Warnings
94-00049705/18/1994Changes to 42/43 Records
93-00082109/01/1993Submission of Paper on Electronic Summaries
93-00080108/26/1993Submission of Paper on Electronic Summaries
93-00076708/20/199342 and 43 Record Relationships
93-00045805/13/1993Paper Statements for ACH Paid EIP/RLF


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