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How Do I Obtain a Listing of Flagged Entries?

Issued: January 28, 2014

Procedures to obtain a listing of flagged entries:

Fee-for-Service Procedure for Requesting Reports of Flagged Entries
The tracking and timely reconciliation of flagged entry summaries is the responsibility of the importer (and filer/broker). To assist the importer in this regard, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been providing importers with reports of their flagged entries upon request. Additionally, CBP has been providing importers with monthly reports of flagged entries coming due during the following month (known as the "Heads-Up Report"). However, due to workload considerations, continued issuance of these flagged entry reports has become unsustainable.

A fee-for-service procedure has been developed to be handled by CBP Accounting Services Division in Indianapolis, IN. This document announces the fee-for-service report procedure as a modification to the prototype. CBP believes that the announced fee-for-service procedure will be more efficient and provide a better product than in the past. Additionally, CBP will be properly reimbursed for manpower and computer time spent downloading and compiling these reports.

The new fee-for-service flagged entry reports are extensions of two reports CBP already provides: the Masterfile Extract and the Liquidation Extract. The Masterfile Extract reports all open bills and unliquidated formal entries. The Liquidation Extract reports all liquidated entries during a given fiscal year. Under the test, both reports will provide, among other things, dates of entry and entry summary; total duties, taxes, and fees paid on a given entry; whether the entry was flagged for reconciliation; and the particular issue or issues for which the entry was flagged (Value, Classification, 9802, NAFTA or a combination of these). Listed entries which do not reflect any flag data either were never flagged or the flags were already closed out on a previously submitted Reconciliation. Since flagged underlying entry summaries for a certain period may be liquidated or unliquidated, importers are encouraged to request both reports to maintain complete records.

CBP expects to be ready to issue these reports with Reconciliation information in February 2001. The exact date will be announced via an ABI administrative message. In the interim, the Reconciliation team will continue to provide the flagged entry reports upon request. When the fee-for-service report system becomes operational, the free reports currently provided by the Reconciliation team, including the "Heads-Up Report," will cease to be issued.

As stated before, the Masterfile Extract will list all open bills and all unliquidated formal entries, and the Liquidation Extract will list all liquidated entries for a given importer number during a given fiscal year (October 1 - September 30). Under the new procedure, requests for reports must be in writing on company letterhead and include payment for processing fees. They also must specify the Importer of Record Number (the IRS number).

The fees for Master File Extracts are as follows: $150 for the first importer number; $50 for the second importer number; and $25 for each additional importer number.

The pricing for the Liquidation Extract is separate from the Master File Extract and is as follows: $200 for the first importer number for a given fiscal year, plus $50 for each additional fiscal year requested for that importer number; $100 for the second importer number for a given fiscal year, plus $50 for each additional fiscal year requested for that importer number; and $75 for each additional importer number for a given fiscal year, plus $50 for each additional fiscal year requested relative to those importer numbers.

In addition to requesting reports in letter form, importers can request that CBP furnish a report via computer diskette. If the importer requests that CBP furnish the report on both computer diskette and paper, an additional fee of $50 will be charged. The written request, with payment in the form of a check made payable to Customs and Border Protection, should be mailed to:

Customs and Border Protection
Revenue Division/Extract Reports
6650 Telecom Drive, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278.

Each request requires approximately one week from receipt to process.

General inquiries, assistance with determining charges, or to request reports please contact either or call(317) 614-4998

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December 18, 2017