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Entry of Merchandise: Monthly Consolidated Entry

Circular ENT-1-AC issued July 1, 1970 to provide guidelines for the implementation of the Monthly consolidated Entry of Nondutiable Merchandise.


To provide guidelines to Regional commissioners, District and Port Directors of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the implementation of the Monthly consolidated Entry of nondutiable Merchandise.


In response to the vast increase in volume and the number of repetitive shipments of nondutiable merchandise and, due to budgetary restrictions, along with the corresponding lack of additional personnel, the Bureau instituted pilot projects at the ports of Buffalo and Detroit authorizing the limited utilization of a monthly entry procedure. The monthly entry procedure is an arrangement whereby all shipments during a calendar month between one shipper and one importer thru one port are treated for examination, entry and liquidation purposes as a single transaction or importation. An analysis of the results of the test project has indicated that multiple advantages to both CBP and the public accrue through the use of this procedure. The primary advantages realized are:

  1. To CBP
    1. a substantially reduced number of entry documents filed with customs,
    2. a corresponding reduction in time required to process documents, and
    3. less time required for initial cargo clearance.
  2. To the public
    1. substantially reduced number of entry documents to prepare,
    2. the opportunity for brokers, shippers, importers and their agents to utilize computers in accounting for shipments, computing values and preparing customs entries,
    3. the conformance of customs requirements with the monthly accounting procedures widely used by industry, and
    4. a speedier and more simplified procedure for cargo clearance.

Accordingly, the Bureau has devised guidelines for application of this procedure throughout the country in order to determine its applicability to other types of ports and modes of transpirations. These guidelines are attached.

Distribution: Regional commissioners
District Directors
Directors, Field Audit
Bureau, Principal Management Personnel


Until further notice, each Regional Commissioner shall take appropriate steps to insure that a "Monthly Consolidated Entry - Immediate Delivery Procedure" which will accomplish the purpose and objectives set forth in the guidelines is made available to all importers and customhouse brokers at all ports within their region within 45 days from the date of this circular.

Each CBP officer in charge of a port of entry shall make a copy of this circular and enclosure available to all interested parties at his port. The procedure provided by this circular will be incorporated into the CBP Regulations at a later date.

Attachment: Monthly Consolidated Entry of Nondutiable Merchandise

Last Modified: November 13, 2014