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Chapter 26

CBPL methods do not include proprietary information such as ASTM Standards.

Ores, slag and ash

Test Method for Iron in Iron Ores and Related Materials by Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction and Dichromate Titration (ASTM E 246)

Test Methods for Manganese Dioxide in Manganese Ores (ASTM E 465)

Test Method for Chemical Analysis of Zinc Ores, Concentrates and Related Materials (ASTM E 945)

Test Method for Chromium Oxide in Chrome Ores (ASTM E 342)

Test Method for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Tantalite and Columbite Ores and Slags by Lithium Tetraborate Fusion Technique Utilizing Internal Standards (ASTM E 1244)

Standard Test Method for Spectrographic Analysis of Ores, Minerals and Rocks by the Fire Assay concentration Technique (ASTM E 400)

  • Last Modified: November 12, 2013