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Chapter 21

CBPL methods do not include proprietary information such as ASTM Standards.

Miscellaneous edible preparations

Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert: Preparation of Sample (AOAC 969.20)

Total Solids in Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts: Gravimetric Method (AOAC 941.08)

Weight per Unit Volume of Packaged Ice Cream (AOAC 968.14)

Separation of Fat from Ice Cream (AOAC 960.32)

Alcohol by Volume in Distilled Liquors: Pycnometer Method (AOAC 942.06)

Vanillin, Vanillic Acid, p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde, and p-Hydroxybenzoic Acid in Vanilla Extract: Liquid Chromatographic Method

  • Last Modified: November 12, 2013