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Applying for an ACE Secure Data Portal Account

ACE Portal Resources

To access the ACE Secure Data Portal (ACE Portal) a company must have an ACE Secure Data Portal Account. Instructions on how companies may apply for an account are below.

Account Tip:
DO NOT associate your client's corporate identifier to your ACE Portal Account structure. This will prevent the client company from establishing their own ACE Portal Account.

If you are applying for an ACE Portal Account, confirm your company does not already have an account. Your Account Owner or their proxies are able to establish individual user profiles within the account to allow access to the ACE Portal. If you are unsure who your Account Owner is, you may Contact ACE Support for details.

If you are a member of a Partner Government Agency (PGA) and need access to the ACE Portal as a PGA user, please visit our PGA user application page.

Before applying you should check to see if your company already has an ACE Portal Account. Applying for a separate Account is not necessary and discouraged.

Applying for an Account

  • Step 1: Identify Sub-account Type
    Determine which Sub-Account Type your company will need based on your business activity. See Sub-Account Types section of our Introduction to an ACE Secure Data Portal Account page for details.
  • Step 2: Designate an Account Owner
    Select an individual, or entity, who will serve as the manager of your corporate account.
    Please note: Account Owners are not required to be the owner of the company.
  • Step 3: Apply
    Complete applicable application method below:

    If you have applied for an account and need to check the status, please e-mail ACE Support.

  • Step 4: Login and Setup Account

    Once the account is established, the Account Owner may login, set up the account, and create user profiles and sub-accounts. If you are the Account Owner and need more details on these actions, please visit our Managing an ACE Secure Data Portal Corporate Account page or our ACE Training page for detailed step-by-step instructions on different account management functionality.

  • Last Modified: May 15, 2023