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Value Added Networks

Value Added Networks (VANS) offer clients of their networks various communications protocol options such as secure FTP, HTTPS, VPN, and MQ over IP to name a few. Many VANS also offer in-network message translation services to convert data streams to conform with interface requirements of the many CBP Trade systems. VANS connecting to the CBP Trade systems enterprise infrastructure employ Cisco Internet or MPLS VPN with MQ Series Server to Server connectivity. 

CBP provides multiple resources for trade partners to submit a truck manifest including a free portal and Electronic Data Interface (EDI) services using X.12, EDIFACT, and CUSCAR languages. Many companies have gone through rigorous testing with CBP to determine that the EDI software they developed is certified by CBP. Once certified, their company information is added to the list online. The list of Value Added Networks (VANS) below is not inclusive of all companies that can submit a truck manifest, it only represents companies that have tested their software products with CBP.

Please note: Trade partners are not required to select from this list

Last Modified: July 20, 2021