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Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Features

ACE has modernized and streamlined trade processing across all business capabilities, including Manifest, Cargo Release, Post Release, Export and Partner Government Agencies (PGAs). 

PGA Integration


What is a PGA pilot

A PGA Pilot is an opportunity for the trade community to work closely with CBP and the Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) as we transition filers to ACE using the PGA Message Set. CBP assists in connecting the trade with the appropriate contacts at the various PGAs and providing guidance.

Who is eligible to participate in a PGA pilot

There are no restrictions to participate in the PGA Pilot, unless specifically noted.  Filers, self-filers and software developers are all eligible to participate.  Where possible, filers should already be filing ACE entry/cargo release and ACE entry summary transactions. 

For the purposes of PGA pilots:

  • A software developer is any company or individual that develops software to transmit ACE entry/cargo release and entry summary data to CBP, and requires PGA message set data to be included on those transactions.
  • A filer is a broker or self-filing importer that uses their CBP assigned filer code to file entry/cargo release and entry summary data in ACE.
  • An importer is a company or individual using a licensed Broker to file entry/cargo release and entry summary data in ACE. Importers must work with brokers to begin filing transactions during the pilot.

What to expect from participating in a pilot

CBP and PGA technical teams will work to resolve any issues discovered during the pilot. A conference call may be held with the filer and software vendor to monitor the filer’s first ACE entry/cargo release transactions with PGA Message Set data. Once a transaction has been accepted and successfully processed end-to-end, a determination will be made to engage another pilot call or allow transactions to be filed independently.

PGA Status

The table below provides the latest information regarding piloting status for agencies with PGA data requirements at the time of entry or entry summary.  For further details on filing requirements in ACE, please reference the ACE PGA Filing Status and POCs sheet.

General Pilot Instructions

All customs brokers and self-filers who are ready to file in ACE are encouraged to file entries in ACE for those PGAs with open pilots. General instructions for pilot participation are listed below.  Please note that some agencies may require specific steps in order to participate in their pilot.  Please contact your Client Representative if you have questions. 

Step 1: Confirm software is current and able to process transactions.

  • If you are a filer:  Check with your software vendor to ensure you have the current version required for the specified PGA.

  • If you are a self-filer:  Proceed to step 2 if your software is ready for the specified PGA.

Step 2: Client Reps will guide you through this process for any other required information, including the actual Production filing.

ACE Portal

ACE Portal Resources

The ACE Secure Data Portal (ACE Portal) is a web-based entry point for ACE. It provides a centralized online access point to connect CBP, trade representatives and government agencies involved in importing goods into the United States. The portal provides account holders the ability to:

  • Receive, respond to, and monitor CBP Forms 28, 29, and 4647
  • Access AD/CVD case management and message Information database
  • Identify and evaluate compliance issues,
  • Store employee, driver, conveyance, and equipment record information
  • Create entry number banks for border line release
  • Set up payment options,
  • review and respond to filings,
  • Create blanket declarations for entry summary processing and nationwide view
  • Access reports tool to compile data and perform national trend analysis.

Account Structures

In order to use the ACE Portal, companies must first submit an application for approval.  Additional details are available our separate pages for: an overview of a Portal account, managing a Portal account, and applying for a Portal account.

Real-Time Data Updates

ACE filing data is updated on regular cycles.  The update cycle of data varies based on the data type.  The table below outlines the update cycles for various data types:

Data TypeUpdate Cycle
Account Revenue1 Hrs
Manifest24 Hrs
Entry and Entry Summary24 Hrs

Report Types

ACE Portal users have access to reports. By running targeted reports to conduct in-house audits, identify systemic errors and provide insight into entries under review by CBP, all in support of improved compliance with trade laws.

CBP provides the following predefined reports. 

ManagementAggregate and detail cargo entry and entry summary reports for ACS and ACE filed summaries, compliance reports, etc.
Authorized Data ExtractExtract reports that can be scheduled to run with up to 2,000,000 rows of data provided.
Entry SummaryReports filed for ACE Entry Summaries with the exception of the CBP Form 28, 29, 4647 which includes both ACE and ACS filed summaries.
Multi-Modal ManifestIn-bond reports.
ReferenceUN Location and Firms Codes
ExporterExporter reports

Users can create customized reports in addition to those outlined above.  A series of guides and videos on the ACE Training page provide support for using ACE Reports capabilities.

Portal System Requirements

Officially only the Microsoft Windows operating system and Internet Explorer web browser are supported for the ACE Portal. The table below outlines the support operating systems and browsers:

Operating SystemBrowser (Product/Version)
Windows 7Internet Explorer 10 or 11
Windows 8Internet Explorer 10 or 11
Windows 10Internet Explorer 11

Java 1.8 is recommended, ACE should continue to function using Java 1.7 or higher. 

While other browsers and operating systems may work, support for them is not provided through the Help Desk.

Last modified: 
September 12, 2018