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ACE Secure Data Portal In-Bond Arrival and Export Enhancement

August 23, 2014

The ACE Secure Data Portal currently provides truck carriers the ability to arrive and export in-bonds initiated through a truck e-Manifest shipment submitted via the portal. In an effort to reduce in-bond arrival and export processing at the CBP port level for ocean, rail and truck in-bond transactions, CBP has enhanced the in-bond arrival and in-bond export capabilities in the ACE portal to now allow all carriers with portal access to arrive, export and cancel in-bond transactions associated to Bills of Lading (BOL) with the carrier’s Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC).

Which carriers are impacted by the enhancement?

e-Manifest (Import)Coming

What changes will the carrier community see?

Inside the “tools” tab of the ACE portal, the “in-bond arrival” and “in-bond export” links, listed in the “task selector” panel, have been redesigned and will now provide users the ability to designate an “arrive by” level. The ACE portal will now display four In-bond action types:

  • In-Bond Arrival
  • In-Bond Cancel Arrival
  • In-Bond Export
  • In-Bond Cancel Export

More Information

For questions on using the ACE portal’s in-bond arrival and in-bond export capabilities, please send an email to

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October 23, 2020