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U.S. Customs and Border Protection has direct responsibility for enhancing U.S. economic competitiveness. By reducing costs for industry and enforcing trade laws against counterfeit, unsafe, and fraudulently entered goods, CBP is working to enable legitimate trade, contribute to American economic prosperity, and protect against risks to public health and safety.

AD/CVD Scam Alert

Did You Receive an Email Offering a "Solution" to Avoid Antidumping Duties?  This is a violation of U.S. Law.  Read more here.


CBP Establishes New Procedures to Investigate Trade Related Allegations  Below are links to references and resources related to the EAPA.


CBP Trade Enforcement - Operational Approach

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is committed to protecting national economic security by enforcing U.S. trade laws through its Trade Enforcement efforts. The CBP Trade Enforcement Operational Approach demonstrates how CBP is using all of its authorities to combat trade fraud by DETECTING high-risk activity, DETERRING non-compliance, and DISRUPTING fraudulent behavior. CBP will use all methods at its disposal—including increased bonding, enhanced targeting and inspection of high-risk imports, and swift and thorough review of allegations to ensure a fair and competitive trade environment.


Quarterly CBP Trade Enforcement Bulletin

The Quarterly CBP Trade Enforcement Bulletin highlights some of the many successes in which CBP enforces U.S. trade laws at and beyond our nation’s borders through interagency partnership and collaboration. As depicted in these success stories, CBP focuses its trade enforcement efforts on the agency’s Priority Trade Issues, and is committed to facilitating a proactive, aggressive, and dynamic trade enforcement system that protects the American consumer and our nation’s economic prosperity.

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CBP provides security and facilitation operations at 328 ports of entry throughout the country. Use this interactive map to find information specific to air, sea and land entries.

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Last published: 
October 26, 2017