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Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS)

CBP Now Requires EVUS Enrollments for Chinese National 10-Year Visa Holders before Traveling to the US

WASHINGTON—U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) implemented today a requirement for all individuals with a passport issued by the People’s Republic of China and bearing a maximum validity (10-year), B1 (visitor for business), B2 (visitor for pleasure), or combination B1/B2 visa to have a valid Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) enrollment before traveling to the United States. EVUS is the online system used by nationals of the People’s Republic of China holding these visas to update basic biographic information to facilitate their travel to the United States.

I am traveling to Guam soon. Do I need to enroll in EVUS?

Travelers holding a People’s Republic of China passport require a valid U.S. visa to enter Guam. People’s Republic of China passport holders carrying maximum validity (10-year) B1/B2, B1, and B2 visas must enroll in EVUS in order to travel to Guam or any U.S. destination.

In order to complete the EVUS form, I need a U.S. point of contact, but I don’t have immediate plans to travel to the United States, and/or I don’t have a U.S. point of contact. What do I do?

If you do not have a U.S. point of contact, you may complete this question by answering “unknown.” If you have travel plans, but do not have a direct U.S. point of contact, you may enter the name of your hotel or U.S. tour group point of contact in the “Name” field.  Individuals with a valid EVUS enrollment can update their EVUS form with a U.S. point of contact, current job or address information, without having to submit a new enrollment. However, travelers with new passports, visas, or those re-applying for EVUS will need to complete a new enrollment.

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