Suicide Prevention Podcasts

CBP has developed a series of suicide prevention and awareness podcasts full of inspiring stories from employees impacted by suicide. These are powerful stories from within CBP. They are unscripted conversations about firsthand experiences with suicide, its risk factors, and aftermath.

CBP employees or family member who have lived experience or would like to be a guest on the suicide prevention podcast can email

In Episode 1, Dr. Kent Corso speaks with a Border Patrol agent who lost his son to suicide recently.

In Episode 2, Dr. Corso speaks with a CBP supervisor who learned that one of her employees was considering suicide. She used resources available to all CBP employees as well as her personal experience to connect with that employee and assist in their time of need.

In Episode 3, CBP employee Sal talks about the time he considered suicide. Distraught with grief over events in his personal life, Sal showed several warning signs of suicide and his coworkers noticed. He discusses how their intervention saved his life and the events that followed.

In Episode 4, Dr. Corso speaks with CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller about his experience losing his father to suicide.

In Episode 5, Dr. Corso speaks with CBP instructor Christina about her experience with domestic violence and how being in an abusive relationship can trigger thoughts of suicide.

In Episode 6, Chaplain Will and Dr. Corso discuss Will's transition from military to civilian life and how he overcame thoughts of suicide.

In Episode 7, Dr. Corso talks with Border Patrol Agent Cody about an on-the-job incident that led to thoughts of suicide.

Episode 8 features Kimbra, a CBP employee who has recovered from addiction. As she explains, addiction can lead to suicidal thoughts. Her story and insight may help inspire us to take the first step in “showing up” as the best version of ourselves.

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In Episode 9, Dr. Kent Corso talks with Dave, a supervisor with CBP Occupational Safety and Health, on the relationship between employee injuries and suicide. Dr. Corso and Dave discuss the importance of improving workplace safety and its role in suicide prevention.

In Episode 10, Dr. Kent Corso focuses on loss survivors, some who has lost a friend, family member, or co-worker to suicide. Dr. Corso talks with Zeus, a CBP employee who lost a fellow agent to suicide in February 2022.

In Episode 11, Dr. Kent Corso talks with U.S. Border Patrol's Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem on how stress impacts CBP employees. Chief Clem offers personal stories and first-hand experiences on juggling work and family as well as the leadership perspective on the importance of support in the workforce.

In Episode 12, Dr. Kent Corso talks with CBP employees on suicidal ideation and reaching out for help. Employees share their personal experiences on seeking help or providing support when it was needed most.

In Episode 13, Dr. Kent Corso talks with CBP employees Kate, a suicide loss survivor who explains why the loved ones who are left behind are NOT better off. She is also a regional supervisor in the intelligence field who describes through her personal experience, how seeking help does not mean automatically losing one’s security clearance.


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