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Customs Brokers and Customs Broker License applicants should refer to this webpage for information and announcements. The statutory authority for the licensing of customs brokers by the Secretary of the Treasury is found in section 641, Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1641). Rules and regulations related to the licensing of customs brokers are set forth in Part 111 of the CBP Regulations (19 C.F.R. 111.0, et seq.). Licenses are issued to persons (i.e., individuals, corporations, partnerships, and associations) to conduct "customs business" on behalf of other persons.

General CBLE Information

CBLE Information

CBLE Score Notification Letters and Appeal Due Dates

The bi-annual Customs Broker License Exam (CBLE) is administered on the fourth Wednesday of April and October.  Exam Results Letters are emailed to examinees within two weeks from the date of the exam. First Appeals are due no later than 60 days from the date the Exam Results Letters were sent. Second Appeals are due no later than 60 days from the date the First Appeal Results Letters were sent.

Pass Rate Information

The April 26, 2023 CBLE resulted in a 5.5% pass rate prior to appeal decisions. 

The October 26, 2022 CBLE resulted in a 11.1% pass rate prior to appeal decisions. 

The April 27, 2022 CBLE resulted in a 39.6% pass rate prior to appeal decisions.

Broker Exam Questions

CBP welcomes the submittal of new questions for future broker exams.  Please submit your questions to with "Future Exam Questions" in the subject line. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) published the Continuing Education for Licensed Customs Brokers Final Rule. Please see our new Broker Continuing Education page for additional information. 

The Customs broker regulations in part 111 of title 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations (19 CFR 111) have been subject to review by the broker community, CBP, and the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Council (COAC) for several years. During this time, CBP solicited feedback from the trade community through webinars, port meetings and trade association meetings, aiming to promote transparency and collaboration while modernizing regulations to reflect the role of the broker in today’s business environment.  

In the April 2016 COAC public meeting, the COAC Broker Regulations Working Group (BRWG) made 37 recommendations to modernize 19 CFR 111. The COAC BRWG included participants from the trade community and CBP representatives. BRWG Recommendations focused on the following areas: the evolving role of the broker; confidentiality, cybersecurity and record retention; responsible supervision and control and employee reporting; and licensing and permits. Included in those recommendations were a proposed single, national permit for brokers, as well as electronic process changes.  

The two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRMs), published June 5, 2020, reflected many of these recommendations and proposed changes to align the broker regulations with contemporary business practices in the electronic environment. Considering the proposed changes and public comments received in response to the NPRMs, CBP published two Final Rules on October 18, 2022, Modernization of the Customs Broker Regulations (87 FR 63267) and Elimination of Customs Broker District Permit Fee (87 FR 63262). These rules modernize the customs broker regulations and provide resource optimization for both industry and CBP and will update compliance requirements to protect revenue and strengthen CBP’s knowledge of importers.  

Key changes in the Final Rules include:

  • Creating a new term and definition for "Processing Center" 
  • Transitioning to a national permit framework
  • Increasing license application fees and expanding forms of payment
  • Codifying that U.S. customs business is conducted within the U.S. customs territory 
  • Revising regulations regarding the broker/client relationship 
  • Updating the responsible supervision and control oversight framework 
  • Strengthening cyber security and records requirements
  • Modernizing broker reporting and Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) capabilities through the broker account portal 
  • Changing broker exam and licensing processes 

For more information on the Customs Broker Modernization Regulations 19 CFR 111.

For frequently asked questions on the Customs Broker Modernization Regulations 19 CFR 111.

Fee Updated Calendar Year 2022

Effective October 1, 2022, the COBRA Fee for permits (USER FEE) is $163.71 (was $153.19)
Effective October 1, 2022, the broker application finger printing fee remains $11.25

BMO Contacts

Port Code

Port Name

Broker Management Officer

BMO Phone Number

BMO Email

Mailing Address

Assistant Center Director

Agriculture and Prepared Products Center


Portland, ME

John Dobbs

(207) 771-3607

155 Gannett Drive, South Portland, ME 04106

Israel Adame


Nogales, AZ

Leticia Estrada

(520) 397-2067

200 N Mariposa Road, Nogales, AZ 85621

Gary Melofchik


Great Falls, MT

Leticia Estrada

(520) 397-2067

200 N Mariposa Road, Nogales, AZ 85621

Gary Melofchik

Apparel, Footwear and Textiles


Norfolk, VA

Irma Lopez 

(757) 533-4244

101 E Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

Mitchel Landau


Charleston, SC

Nina Scierka

(843) 577-6525

200 E Bay Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Mitchel Landau


San Francisco, CA

Kathleen Maguire

(415) 782-9410

555 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

Alice Buchanan


Milwaukee, WI

Michael J. Keegan

(414) 486-7790 X 2021

4915 S Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Alice Buchanan


Miami, FL

Benito Montero

(305) 869-2646

6601 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL 33122

Mitchel Landau

Automotive and Aerospace Center


New York, NY

Paula Welch

(810) 985-7125 

Extension 8003

John F. Kennedy Intl Airport, Building 77, 2nd Floor, Executive Office, Jamaica, NY 11430

Sandra M. Lopez


Mobile, AL

Engrid Perryman

(251) 378-7622

150 N. Royal Street, Suite 3004, Mobile, AL 36602

Lucy Guardiola


Seattle, WA

Juan Valenzuela

(520) 397-2065

1000 Second Avenue, Suite 2100, Seattle, WA 98104

Lucy Guardiola


Pembina, ND

Cindy Stewart

(701) 825-5811

10980 I-29, Suite 2, Pembina, ND 58271

Patricia Tate


Minneapolis, MN

Julian Falla

(952) 857-3100 X3189

5600 American Blvd. W, Ste. 760, Bloomington, MN 55437

Patricia Tate


Detroit, MI

Erma Gonzalez

(313) 442-0267

2801 B. West Fort Street, Suite 123, Detroit, MI 48216

Patricia Tate

Base Metals Center


New Orleans, LA

Tammy Urban

(504) 670-2359

423 Canal Street, Room 251 New Orleans, LA 70130

Tracy Roy


Chicago, IL

Mary Lou Belfiore

(847) 928-6072

5600 Pearl Street, Rosemont, IL 60018

Ed Wachovec


Cleveland, OH

Michelle English

(440) 891-2531

6747 Engle Road Cleveland, OH 44130

Michael Dean

Consumer Products and Mass Merchandising Center


Providence, RI

Lydia Wells

(617) 565-4615

300 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 106, Warwick, RI, 02888

Paul Sumbi

1303 Baltimore, MD Brandon Miles (410) 962-2869 40 S. Gay Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 Judy Staudt


Charlotte, NC

Thomas E. Rice


1901 Crossbeam Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217

Linda Golf


Atlanta, GA

Danny Griffin

(404) 675-1266

157 Tradeport Drive, Atlanta, GA 30354

Linda Golf


Tampa, FL

Frank Mahoney

(813) 241-6743  x242


1803 Eastport Drive, Tampa, Florida 33605


Linda Golf


Honolulu, HI

Susan Kakuda

(808) 356-4155

300 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96850

Linda Golf


St. Louis, MO

Lenora Damper 

(314) 428-2662 x210

4477 Woodson Road, St. Louis, MO 63134

Paul Sumbi


Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

Danny Griffin

(404) 675-1266

7501 Esters Blvd., Suite 160, Irving, TX 75063

Paul Sumbi

Electronics Center


Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA

Tuyen Pham

(562) 366-5420

310 E Ocean Blvd Suite 900, Los Angeles, CA 90802

Yolanda Benitez


Anchorage, AK

Tuyen Pham

(562) 366-5420

310 E Ocean Blvd Suite 900, Los Angeles, VA 90802

Yolanda Benitez

Industrial & Manufacturing Materials Center


Champlain, NY

Diane Ashline

(518) 298-8361

237 W Service Road, Champlain, NY 12919

Camille Madsen


Buffalo, NY

John Walkowiak

(716) 843-8301

726 Exchange Street, Suite 400, Buffalo, NY 14210

Robert Bekalarski


Savannah, GA

Bobbie Alston

(912) 447-9431

1 E Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Jonathan Erece

Machinery Center


Washington, DC

Bernadette R. Howe

(215) 717-5818

22685 Holiday Park Drive, Suite 15, Sterling, VA 20598

Fred Perez


Philadelphia, PA

Bernadette R. Howe

(215) 717-5818

200 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Fred Perez


Laredo, TX

Elida C. Flores

(956) 794-9310

715 Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo, TX 78045

Carmen Dickinson


Portland, OR

Christian Garcia 

(503) 326-3031

8337 NE Alderwood Road, Portland, OR 97220 

Fred Perez

Petroleum, Natural Gas and Minerals Center


St. Albans, VT

Michael Daly

(281) 985-6850

50 S. Main Street, Suite 100R, St. Albans, VT 05478

Kristi Johnson


Boston, MA

Angela Pearson

(617) 565-6140

10 Causeway Street, Boston, MA 02222

Carmen Dickinson


Houston, TX

Daniel Saunders

(281) 985-6894

2350 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Suite 900, Houston, TX 77032 

Jeffrey Saum

Pharmaceuticals, Health and Chemicals Center


Memphis, TN

Veronica Arguello

(901) 480-4042


2813 Business Park Dr Building 1, Memphis, TN 38118 Diane Amstutz
2402 El Paso, TX Walter Carrera (915) 872-4760


9400 Viscount Blvd., El Paso, TX 79925

Diane Amstutz


Otay Mesa, CA

Frank Uotani

(619) 671-8030

9777 Via De La Amistad, San Diego, CA 92154

Brandy Porter

San Juan Field Office


San Juan, PR

Sheila Maldonado 

(787) 729-6994

State Rd 165 Kilometer 1.2, Guaynabo, PR 00968

Mayra Claudio


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