Border Patrol Agent Structured Interview

After you have been tentatively selected for an entry-level Border Patrol Agent (BPA) position, you will receive a notification letter informing you of the date, time and location of your Structured Interview (SI). It will be emailed to the email address that you provided at the time you submitted your application.

The Structured Interview

The SI will be administered face-to-face, meaning you will be interviewed in person. The SI questions and the rating scales are considered test material and cannot be released to candidates. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to beginning the interview process.

You will be interviewed by three interviewers who will ask you questions that will be in the form of hypothetical situations designed to measure specific competencies (judgement/decision-making, emotional maturity, interpersonal skills and cooperativeness/sensitivity to the needs of others) that are critical to success as a BPA and will probe for additional information.

Need To Change the Interview Date and Time

You will be scheduled for the SI at the location you chose when you registered for the written test. If you have moved and have new contact information or otherwise need to request a new SI location, you must contact the Structured Interview Team at 952-857-2907.

You may call the Structured Interview Team at 952-857-2907 to request a reschedule. Candidates are allowed one reschedule and will only be granted under extenuating circumstances. You will be notified of the scheduled SI at least 2 weeks in advance to enable you to make arrangements to attend.

Failure to attend a rescheduled SI will result in your removal from the hiring process and you will be required to reapply during the next vacancy announcement.

What To Bring to the Interview

Applicants scheduled for a SI located in a CBP facility will be required to present a valid form of identification, such as U.S. passport, military ID, veterans ID or a REAL ID compliant state issued driver's license. Please check the Secure Driver's Licenses page on to see if your state is compliant. You will not be given a SI without a valid photo ID.

Interview Attire

Although there are no absolute dress attire requirements when taking the SI, we can tell you your SI will be conducted by a panel of trained Border Patrol Agents. The SI will be in a professional office environment where employees are either in uniform or professional attire. Most candidates tend to dress in business attire (e.g., a suit); however, you will not be rated based on your attire. Use your best judgment.

After the Interview

After you are dismissed from the room, three trained SI interviewers will rate you on the competencies. You must receive a passing rating on all four competencies in order to pass the SI. You must pass the SI in order to continue in the hiring process. Applicants cannot appeal the SI. Results are final.

The SI Team at the Minneapolis Hiring Center will send you an email with your Notice of Results indicating either a pass or fail. The SI results are good for 3 years if you pass. If you failed, you cannot be considered for a Border Patrol Agent for six months from the date of the SI.

The SI Team cannot give you more detailed information about your responses to the SI. To do so would compromise the integrity of the testing process. The success of the testing process is dependent on applicants giving honest responses to situational questions. If applicants were to modify their answers in response to specific feedback, the integrity of the testing process would be harmed.

If you have additional questions in regards to the SI process, contact us at our email address of You may call during normal business hours at 952-857-2907. Because of the volume of inquiries received, you may have to leave a message and wait for a return call, so we strongly encourage you to contact us via email.

Contact Information

Phone: 952-857-2907
Fax: 952-857-2000


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