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CBP Initiates the Center of Excellence and Expertise and Account Executive Pilots

Release Date

Washington, D.C. - US Customs and Border Protection will launch two pilots on November 1, 2010 to further strengthen the agency's relationships with its trade and business partners.

The Center of Excellence and Expertise (CEE) pilot will develop comprehensive strategies to facilitate trade and manage risk within the pharmaceutical industry. Anne Maricich, the Assistant Port Director for Trade at the Los Angeles International Airport, will direct the pilot center.

The CEE will drive uniform implementation of policies, procedures, and technical guidance within the pharmaceutical sector. CEE's core staff will manage risk throughout the pharmaceutical sector, by leveraging a matrix organization involving CBP personnel with pharmaceutical expertise. This initiative will also evaluate opportunities to collaborate with other government agencies on touch points involving pharmaceutical imports.

It is intended that the pharmaceutical industry and importers of pharmaceutical products will use the CEE to address systemic issues and will serve as a source of information to increase expertise throughout the agency.

The Account Executive (AE) pilot will test CBP's ability to engage trusted partners in the electronics industry to facilitate trade while ensuring continued compliance with all import requirements. Successful engagement will enhance our ability to formalize an account-based approach to dealing with trusted (low-risk) trade partners, remove transactional hurdles and other barriers for trusted partners and enable CBP to focus its resources on higher-risk companies and shipments.

Leon Hayward, Assistant Director, Field Operations, for Trade and Cargo Security in New York City, will serve as the pilot Account Executive. The AE pilot will draw upon existing positions and areas of expertise resident in CBP today, and supplement that expertise with training related to general and industry-specific business practices, processes, and standards. The AE will build on CBP's successful targeting skills and develop industry knowledge to allow strategic-level targeting and maintenance of high-compliance rates.

CBP will actively solicit and encourage input from the trade community and others via online groups on Our Border. Our goal is to facilitate two way interactive dialogue about the pilots.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021