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Frontline Magazine CoverCBP's quarterly magazine, FRONTLINE, provides a window into the daily realities and challenges the men and women of CBP face and the sacrifices they make to serve and protect the American people.



Border FenceBorder Security Publications
Publications supporting our border security priority and mission.

Photo of CBP FormCBP Forms
As a service to the public, CBP has made available electronic forms that can be completed online, saved and printed.

CBP SnapshotCBP Snapshot
A summary of CBP facts and figures.
Last Updated: March 2019.                                                              

Cover of CBP Strategy 2020-2025U.S. Customs and Border Protection Strategy 2020-2025
The CBP Strategy 2020–2025 is focused on twelve strategic initiatives that will advance CBP’s ability to accomplish our mission. To reach our goals and better accomplish our daily tasks, CBP must improve existing capabilities, develop new ones for the changing operational environment, and adapt our processes to better organize, train, equip and sustain our frontline operators. The strategic initiatives laid out in this document address key challenges and opportunities which guide where CBP should focus its resources. In particular, the strategy lays out specific activities and outcomes that must be achieved while also acknowledging that unforeseen developments or events may require reassessment and reorientation.

Cover of Federal Register NoticeFederal Register Notices
As a service to the trade community, CBP maintains an archive of trade-related Federal Register Notices.

Cover of Performance and Financial ReportsPerformance Accountability and Financial Reports
CBP’s Performance Accountability and Financial Reports provide program, financial, and performance information that enables Congress and the public to assess performance as it relates to the CBP mission.
Last Modified: Jul 01, 2019