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CBP Marks Strategic Air and Marine Plan Completion

Release Date: 
June 6, 2016

WASHINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) today announced the completion of the 2006 CBP Strategic Air and Marine Plan (StAMP). The 10-year plan was created to:

  • Unify and integrate air and marine assets and people;
  • Enhance border security and surveillance;   
  • Recapitalize aging aviation and marine assets, creating a more flexible and responsive air and marine force; and
  • Continue support for traditional missions specifically for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations and drug Source, Transit, and Arrival missions under the integrated command of Joint Interagency Task Force – South.

While traditional strategic plans typically set priorities, and inform on the direction of the organization and the actions needed to make progress, this plan focused on investment initiatives. “The purpose of an acquisition plan is to get agents what the need, when they need it, and ensure it works, within the funds Congress provided.” stated Doug Koupash, executive director, Mission Support. “We developed this plan to fully integrate our program, and we consistently executed each objective.”

The major components of the plan included:

  • Service Life Extension Program for the P-3 long-range patrol aircraft;
  • Purchase or overhaul of three light and medium lift helicopter types needed to replace unserviceable assets used to augment border security and interior enforcement operations;
  • Purchase of two types of twin-engine, medium-range patrol aircraft to replace aging assets needed for air-to-ground, air-to-water, and air-to-air surveillance and enforcement missions;
  • Acquisition of a high-end UAS, and its maritime equivalent, the Guardian; and
  • Acquisition of marine interceptors and riverine vessels needed to replace aging fleet and expand mission requirements.

AMO successfully executed 10 of its 14 significant programs and projects designed to replace or recapitalize its aging fleet of aircraft and vessels. The remaining four programs and projects will continue as separate procurements with the completion of the StAMP. As a result of the StAMP, AMO has gained:

Rotary-Wing Aircraft

  • 20 EC120 Light Observation
  • 46 AS350 A-Star Light Enforcement
  • 4 UH-60M Medium Lift
  • 6 UH-60L Medium Lift* (Recap/Mission Systems)

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

  • 7 DHC-8 Maritime Patrol
  • 14 P-3 Orion (Service Life Extension Program)
  • 12 KA-350 Multi-Role Enforcement*
  • 10 MQ-9 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Predator B/Guardian
  • 3  C-550 Citation Twin-Engine Mission System upgrades

Marine Vessels

  • 26 SAFE Boat Interceptor (33-foot and 38-foot)
  • 6 Interim Coastal Interceptor  (Service Life Extension Program)
  • 1 Prototype Coastal Interceptor
  • 9 Riverine Shallow Draft*
  • 12 Coastal Interceptor*
  • 12 Coastal Enforcement
  • 12 Riverine Airboats

*Although the StAMP is officially complete, AMO will continue with four procurements including: additional MEA aircraft; UH-60L Medium Lift helicopters; Coastal Interceptor Vessels and Riverine Shallow Draft Vessels.

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February 3, 2021