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  4. CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan appears before House Appropriations Committee on FY2021 budget

CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan appears before House Appropriations Committee on FY2021 budget

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WASHINGTON – Acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan today appeared before the House Appropriations Committee in a hearing to discuss the FY2021 budget.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) bears an enormous responsibility to the American people, who place a great deal of trust in us to keep them safe,” Morgan told the committee. “As America’s unified border agency, CBP protects the United States from terrorist threats, prevents the illegal entry of inadmissible people and contraband, and facilitates lawful trade and travel. At the same time, CBP remains committed to ensuring that the people in our custody receive humane treatment, appropriate care, and necessary medical services, and that they are transferred out of CBP custody as quickly as possible.

“CBP’s success in achieving its complex, vital mission of protecting the American people, safeguarding our border, and enhancing the Nation’s economic prosperity requires the right combination of trained and dedicated personnel, intelligence-driven and risk-based strategies, collaborative partnerships, tactical infrastructure, and advanced technology. The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Budget commits resources that will be used to attain this strategic combination and continues prior commitments to fund initiatives crucial to the success of our mission.”

The FY2021 Budget includes $15.6 billion in net discretionary funds, including $2.6 billion in critical investments to advance CBP’s mission. These critical investments support CBP’s four lines of business: $2.3 billion for Border Security, $34 million for Trade and Travel, $72 million for Integrated Operations, and $177 million for Mission Support.

Acting Commissioner Morgan’s full Congressional testimony and specific budget details can be found here: www.cbp.gov/about/congressional-resources/testimony

  • Last Modified: May 27, 2022