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Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agents Confiscate $348K of Methamphetamine

Release Date: 
April 10, 2018

YUMA, Ariz. – Agents assigned to the Blythe and Wellton Border Patrol Stations seized nearly $348,000 worth of methamphetamine in multiple recent attempted drug smuggling incidents.

Agents at the Wellton immigration checkpoint discovered 53 pounds of meth within the spare tire of a smuggling vehicle
Agents at the Wellton
checkpoint discovered
53-pounds of meth inside of
the spare tire of a smuggling

This past Thursday evening, a Border Patrol canine alerted to a Ford sedan at the Wellton Station Immigration Checkpoint on Interstate 8. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded more than 61 pounds of meth, worth over $183,000 in the vehicle floorboards. The 20-year-old female driver and 23-year-old passenger, both United States citizens, were from Pomona, California and Yuma respectively.

Early Friday morning agents from the Blythe Station attempted to perform a vehicle stop on an Acura sedan near Needles, CA. The 44-year-old male passenger attempted to escape on foot once the vehicle stopped, but agents apprehended the subject. The 30-year-old female owner consented to a vehicle search, where agents discovered more than 2 pounds of meth, worth $6,600. Records check discovered the passenger had an active warrant and felony convictions.

Saturday afternoon, a canine assigned to the Wellton Immigration Checkpoint alerted to a Ford truck in the primary inspection lane. Agents searched the vehicle and located nearly 53 pounds of meth in the spare tire, worth nearly $158,000. The 47-year-old male driver and 25-year-old male passenger are both United States citizens.

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April 16, 2018