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Vermont CBP Officers Foil Alien Smuggling, 2 Arrested

Release Date

Alburg, VT - A U.S. citizen from New Jersey and a citizen from Columbia were in Royal Canadian Mounted Police custody when their alien smuggling plans were foiled by CBP officers at the Vermont/Quebec border on June 24.

CBP officers conducting outbound inspections in Alburg, Vt., encountered a U.S. citizen from New Jersey who claimed to be going to Canada to visit friends. Inconsistencies to questioning and further investigations revealed that the subject more than likely dropped off an individual at the Vermont/Quebec border. CBP officers immediately alerted the Canada Border Services Agency and RCMP before allowing the subject to proceed to the CBSA port in Canada for entry.

Upon the subject's arrival to the CBSA port, RCMP notified Canadian and U.S. officials on arresting a Columbian who entered Canada illegally at the Vermont/Quebec border. When the U.S. citizen was questioned by CBSA, the subject confessed to smuggling the Columbian into Canada and was subsequently arrested by Canadian officials.

"In this ever-changing world, we need to remain vigilant and work diligently with our partners to secure our border on both sides," said Highgate Springs Port Director Kevin Coy. "Intelligence sharing and mission integration between our agencies is invaluable to our success, which was evident in this foiled alien smuggling incident."

Coy further said, "The capacity of our officers to leverage assets and expertise with our Canadian partners for border security, while still facilitating legitimate trade and travel, is the caliber of people we want and value on our frontlines."

CBP focuses on arriving travelers and trade as a means of securing our country and our economy; however, outbound inspections serve as a valuable tool in our efforts to enforce smart, effective, and strategic border operations. CBP conducts periodic or targeted departure/outbound examinations in order to check compliance of documentary and other regulatory requirements, focusing on currency, weapons, export violations, and fugitives exiting the U.S.

"This is a perfect example of great collaboration between our border agencies and I'm very proud of their diligence and dedication to protecting our borders," said Boston Field Operations Director Kevin Weeks .

Currently, the USC is in the custody of CBSA and is being charged with alien smuggling. If convicted, the subject faces imprisonment and a fine. The citizen of Columbia was released pending further investigations.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021