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U.S. Border Patrol Agent Rescues Man from Brush Fire

Release Date

PORTAL N.D. — A U.S. Border Patrol agent from the Grand Forks Sector saved a man from a brush fire near the Short Creek Recreation Area along the international border with Canada.

Fire Rescue
Fire Rescue 

At approximately 2:00 p.m., on March 26, an agent assigned to the Portal Station was on patrol and witnessed smoke rising near the U.S./Canadian border.  As he approached the area to investigate, he noticed it was a brush fire.  He then observed a vehicle driving frantically around the flames, eventually catching fire.

The agent immediately responded to assist while contacting Grand Forks Sector Dispatch to requested that local fire departments be dispatched to the area.

As the agent got closer, he noticed the driver exit the burning vehicle.  Unable to travel directly towards the man due to heavy smoke and the terrain, the agent drove upwind of the flames which were approximately four feet high.  He was able to get around the flames and reach the man who was running from the encroaching fire.  The man entered the agent’s vehicle and they drove away to a safe distance from the fire.

“This man could have lost his life,” said Grand Forks Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony S. Good.  “I’m extremely proud of our agent, he displayed great courage as he entered the area engulfed with flames to rescue someone in need.”

Once they were out of harm’s way, the agent began treating the man for burns that he had sustained on his extremities as a result of his clothing catching fire.  The man’s wife arrived and took him to a local hospital for further medical evaluation.

Last Modified: March 31, 2021