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  4. Tucson Border Patrol Agents Track Down More Than 1,000 Pounds of Marijuana

Tucson Border Patrol Agents Track Down More Than 1,000 Pounds of Marijuana

Release Date

Tucson, AZ. - Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tucson Sector, a component of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Joint Field Command-Arizona, seized 1,056 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $528,215 in the West Desert October 5, 2011.

Ajo Station agents,working in a remote mountainous area east of Lukeville, located a set of footprints in the desert. It appeared that carpeting was used to mask evidence of the footprints. However, agents were able to track the prints to a nearby mountain pass where they discovered 23 bundles of marijuana hidden within the rocks. The marijuana was seized and transported to the Ajo Station for processing.

One of the oldest tools used by Border Patrol agents is the traditional art of tracking. Since the Border Patrol was created in 1924, agents have relied heavily on this time-honored skill that continues to be a relevant and very effective method in detecting criminal activity.

CBP welcomes assistance from the community. Citizens can report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol by calling 1-(877)-872-7435 toll free. All calls will be answered and remain anonymous.

CBP announced the JFC-AZ in February, as an organizational realignment that brings together the Tucson Field Office, Tucson and Yuma Border Patrol Sectors and Air Branches under a unified command structure. JFC-AZ integrates CBP border security, commercial enforcement and trade facilitation missions to more effectively meet the unique challenges faced in Arizona. Follow us on Twitter @CBPArizona.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021