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Summer Reminder for All Pleasure Boats

Release Date

NEW YORK—U.S. Customs and Border Protection is advising boaters throughout the New York/New Jersey area to make sure they follow the below guidelines this summer while they are cruising on their boats.

"CBP wants all private boaters in the New York/New Jersey area to enjoy the summer boating season. With that, CBP asks private boaters operating in our area of responsibility to be safe and to properly report into CBP when arriving from a foreign port," said Robert E. Perez, director, field operations New York.

CBP has designated specific reporting locations within the field offices that are staffed during boating season for pleasure boats to report their arrival and be inspected by CBP. The master of the boat must report to CBP telephonically and be directed to the nearest Port of Entry to satisfy the face-to-face requirement, or report to the nearest designated reporting location along with the boat's passengers for inspection.

Pleasure boats arriving in the New York/Newark Area will make an initial report of arrival to CBP by contacting the Newark Area Marine Desk 1-877-209-8526. For purposes of reporting pleasure boat arrivals, the New York/Newark Area is defined as the geographic area north of Manasquan, NJ and south of the Poughkeepsie Bridge on the Hudson River. The area includes the north and south shores of Long Island.

The inspection process at a sea port-of-entry is similar to the airport process if inspection facilities are available. Otherwise passengers will be instructed where to report for inspection on board the vessel.

For further information regarding Pleasure Boat Reporting Requirements to the New York/New Jersey area please visit the CBP website.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021